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The Photos
plane ride

travel: the best medicine

Sunset on the water

a favorite place

dark of the night

dark of the night

snowing cats and dogs.jpg

snowing cats and dogs


Supermoon 2015

frosty branches.jpg

frosty branches

snow and lights.jpg

snow and lights

more snowy lights.jpg

more snowy lights

lighs and snow.jpg

lights and snow

frosty braches.jpg

frosty braches

rear view roads.jpg

rear view roads

frosty roads.jpg

frosty roads

snowy trees.jpg

snowy trees

snowy sunday.jpg

snowy sunday

a few rays of sunshine.jpg

a few rays of sunshine

raining again.jpg

raining again

Still Winter.jpg

still winter

spring time.jpg

spring time

spring showers.jpg

spring showers

Montana AM Moon.jpg

1st Cup of Coffee Moon

Morning November Snow.jpg

morning november snow

2017 cold morning rain.jpg

cold morning rain