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Mission 3 - Chapter 32 - Using Flight Sim for Location Scouting

A progress update on Castle of Spies Mission 3, Castle in the Desert.
The Headlines: The new book should be out this summer and work is starting on audio-books!
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Mission 3 - Back Cover Blurb time

Next steps in the process … titles, blurbs and the one liner …
Castle of Spies - Mission 3 - Castle in the Desert
A Deserted Castle, A Few Ghosts, A Lot More Spies and Two Best Friends.
Best Friends Torn Apart. As elite spy Tara Wells recovers from two bullet wounds, her best friend and fellow elite spy Léa Taylor remains cuffed and shackled in a medieval jail cell, her captors cruelly starving her
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Mission 3 - Playlist & Update

Castle in the Desert - Mission 3
A Castle in the Middle of Nowhere, Spies Lurking Around Every Corner and Two Best Friends, Reunited.
… music and story update …
The time for creating and writing is almost over. It's almost time for searching for type-o's and sentences that make no sense at all to wrap up. It's time to rescue Léa. Capture a few bad guys and learn their secrets. And it's time for music.
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Mission 3 - Progress Report & Chapter 18

Castle in the Desert - Mission 3

Hello Spy Story Friends!

How about an update? The good news here is, writing on Mission 3 is going GREAT! After a summer dry spell, the words have been raining down here at Spy H.Q. and it's looking like you'll have a new adventure to for your spring vacation. Right now, it's looking like I could be sending the 3rd novel in The Castle of Spies series to Amazon by the end of February!

It really is exciting times here at Spy H.Q. One of the most enjoyable parts of writing for me is the many golden nuggets of the story that just seem to magically appear out of nowhere. FAQ Time: While I have a fairly good idea of the general direction of the story, a lot of what happens from chapter to chapter just seems to pop up outta nowhere!

As I prepare to finish Section 4, (each book generally has four big sections with 2 shorter Prologue/Epilogues) I thought you might like a sample chapter … Mission Two ended with Léa kidnapped and Tara shot up by evil bad guys. It's been a bit of a dark time at The Castle, but things are looking up. The chapter you're getting today is number: 18. They've found Léa and this is the final briefing before they get the official "GO" from Alan Dennis. Our best friends are missing each other and the bad guys are being particularly evil. But with more stories to come, you know that …

Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise. Victor Hugo, Les Misérables.

Like the two Missions before, there is some fun, some spice, some adventure and some danger. In Mission 3, you'll read more about Janet and Helena, the previous generation of Castle Spies. The bad guys are being extra bad, but they'll get what's coming to them. At the end of Mission 3, we discover there is a much bigger plot afoot than just those two bad guys. That means you should expect at least three more books after this one! As we get closer to Mission 3's publication date, expect a few more of these updates and chapters. Till then, happy reading and I'll get back to writing!

- TD

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Adventure 2 is on the way to Amazon … just started writing on Adventure 3! Read More…